October 17, 2020


Divine Worship Hour

  ~ People With A Purpose ~   



Opening Hymn                               Love Divine


Scripture Reading                       Colossians 3:12-13


Worship in Giving                    Local Church Budget


Hymn of Prayer                     As We Come to You In Prayer




Children's Story

Special Music



Morning Message                          'Forgiveness'



Closing Hymn                           There's a Wideness



Marilyn Chung

Elder George Asencio

No. 191

Jack Copeland

Jack Copeland

No. 671

Jack Copeland

Mike Golden

Brenda Parker & Valerie Ziesmer

Elder George Asencio

No. 114

Elder George Asencio

Marilyn Chung

Pianist- Elaine Whtie

Chorister- Walt Williams                  Organist- Marilyn Chung


Pastor and Family – This Sabbath Pastor Kevin and family are at the Dunnellon Church. They wish you a happy Sabbath and pray God’s blessings upon each of you. They will see you next week.


Fall Festival – We have an official date for our annual fall festival: Saturday night, November 7. Thank you to all who voted. Now let’s start preparing for the fun! Look for the sign-up sheets at the Welcome Desk. You can add your name for items to bring and games and fun to help with. No need to bring anything if you can’t. We still want to see you there!


WRGE 97.9 FM – Monday at 8:00 am & pm Shannon Sumner of the Alpha Center for Women gives us an overview of this vital Ocala ministry.  If you cannot listen to us over the air, then listen online. Go to  www.WRGE.org  click “on the air”, enter code 1844, and start streaming.


Church Updates – HI friends, the Decorating Committee would like to do a few low-cost updates here at the church. These include new flooring in the friendship Center and a few updated seating and décor pieces in the foyer. If you would like to contribute financially to these updates, mark your tithe envelope “Friendship Center” with your contribution, or write “Friendship Center” in the “other” category on the Adventist Giving online site. Thank you.


Secret Sisters – Secret sisters is a great chance for the women in our church to connect on a very personal level. If you are interested in giving and receiving uplifting notes, small, inexpensive gifts, and the prayers of a sister-in-Christ, please sign up at the bulletin board in the foyer. This is your chance to give and also receive the cheer that strong female friendship offers.


Miss singing your favorite Hymns? - If you have a favorite hymn or a hymn you have not heard in a while and are longing to hear it in church, contact Pastor Kevin at (352) 210-0016 to request it.


Men’s Hobby and Project Partnership – Do you have a project that you would like to work on but need an extra pair of hands? Do you have a hobby that you would like to share with a new friend? This is your chance. A sign-up sheet is posted on the bulletin board in the foyer. Add your name, project or hobby, and your phone number. You can also look through what other guys have shared on there and give a call to the guy who seems to need your help or to the one who has a similar interest as you.


Children’s Church Bags – If your child needs something to keep their hands busy during the church service, visit the Welcome Desk. You can check out an activity bag to keep your little one occupied throughout the service, and when church is over, just turn in the bag at the Welcome Desk.

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